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  Not a big fan of EF nib. My..., August 16, 2013
By vr
Not a big fan of EF nib.

My first fountain pen was the Lamy safari matte-black F nib. It was great, so good that I carried it back and forth from work. After a while this got annoying and at this price point I didn't feel bad about ordering another one. I went with this in the hopes it would have a little more heft and sturdyness to it (which it does) and also wanted to try the EF nib.

Everything was the quality you'd expect from Lamy. As soon as I plugged in the blue-black cartridge (it comes with blue like all lamys but I've bought the blue-black cartridges). The EF nib hasn't impressed me though. The line width between it and the F nib is marginal but the F nib writes much smoother. The F nib with the sailor gentle blue-black (I also bought the convertor this order) was amazingly smooth. The sailor ink also helped with the scratchyness on the EF nib. But I planned on taking this to work and use cartridges instead of dealing with bottled ink at work.

I've been using this daily at work since April (it is now August) with the EF nib in the hopes it would grow on me and it never has. Part of the reason is the cheap copy paper I usually use at work. Today I received my limited edition black body Al-Star with F nib and will be replacing this pen with that one on Monday. In that time period though I used it pretty much daily and usually posted the cap (it is a little top heavy but I was worried I'd lose the cap otherwise) and haven't seen any scratching on the body. It looks like the part that grips on to the body when you post it is plastic which is probably why it doesn't scratch. I have another pen I usually use at home but I may keep this around and use the convertor with sailor gentle blue-black. The EF with that ink seemed to pair really well.

Ultimately, if you like the Safari but wanted something a little sturdier, this will work nicely. You may want to stick with the F nib though.
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