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  I really like these pens..., August 20, 2013
By one...
I really like these pens the rating is due receiving a fluke with my set of pens, the 05 pen's ink flow is really inconsistent it either slowly peters out or abruptly stops, which is a tad annoying when writing but really bothersome when inking drawings. The rest of the pens I can't really describe my personal glee compared to my prisma color felt tips pens they're just really great pens the ink is much darker, the metal tip allows for what I think are tad smoother lines and it stands up well to erasing. Being metal tips if you hold it against the paper for too long it will slowly puke out more ink so if your slow with your lines will come thicker than indicated but if you're paying attention it's not really a big deal. I don't regret buying these pens they're really fantastic pens and if you're a hard pressure illustrator these pens these pens are really great for you since you don't have to worry about breaking the felt tip or pushing the felt inside the pipe.
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