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  this is a fantastic pen!..., September 6, 2013
By wh1...
this is a fantastic pen! bought one early Sept and have been using it for everything writing / drawing related. couple of items that buyers should be aware:

- pen comes with 0.3mm refill. this is a very fine point and perhaps not most people's point of choice as it can be a little rough on some paper types. i'd go ahead and include a 0.4 / 0.5mm refill along in the purchase.

- pen body is smooth. for those who get sweaty palms easily when writing, do factor this into your decision. everyone else should be ok. all my co-workers (team of 20) had a go at this and none had issues.

- pen holder (the rectangle ruler box) has freaking sharp edges and corners. i guess it looks cleaner that way but i'd prefer the edges / corners to have a bevel. makes it a bit annoying for pocket carry as the sharp corners will not play nice with most fabrics. pen holder has a matte bead blasted finished and has proved to be fairly scratch resistant so far.

- use a penny to unscrew the tail as the coating on pennies are softer than the pen material. DO NOT use dimes as it'll screw up the circular edges a bit... don't ask how i figured this out =P

- hi-tec-c refills are actually a little difficult to find. aside from the office friendly blue and black ink, you'll definitely have to hunt around for other colors. it may be easier to just purchase the pen in your desired color and pop out the refill... kind of wasteful but i haven't really seen a viable alternate solution.

most of the caveats are nitpicking and/or easily solved. this is a really great pen! took my girlfriend all of three seconds to declare she wanted one as well. two other coworkers promptly ordered one after testing it out.

in my job you get a sea of Montblancs and other big mall brands... a boutique item like this really stands out.
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