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  The brush, assembled,..., September 29, 2013
By fkf...
The brush, assembled, is smaller than I expected, but I like that it is truly pocket sized. But I find I really have to use up or dump all the water in it if I want to put it back in my pocket after use, because the barrel is also the brush cap (and make sure you have something to wipe off the wet end where the brush inserts into the barrel.

The little water bottle defeats me, as I can't read the Japanese directions. I tried filling it by squeezing the accordioned end, immersing the top in a cup of water and then releasing the accordioned part. It sucked up only about 10ml of water. After several tries to get more in, I ended up using a mini funnel I had left from an old refillable perfume spray while holding the tiny opening under a stream of running water and slowly it filled. What am I doing wrong?
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Kuretake Waterbrush - Petit Set - KURETAKE KG205-80