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  For as cheap as this..., October 17, 2013
For as cheap as this pencil is, and as few complaints I have, what's not to love?

Its mechanism never has failed on me, although compared to other shaker pencils it does require quite a bit stronger of a shake (which I seem to need to do quite frequently, more on that in a moment). The grip isn't all that comfortable though, it's kind of a hard rubber. It's definitely not soft. I wouldn't call it uncomfortable though, I can take notes for a class with it with no problem at all. It is definitely a heavier pencil though, thicker too -- which leads me to my one real qualm with it. Because of its weight, I feel that I end up applying a lot more pressure when I write with this pencil, causing me to end up laying down a thicker line. I have really small handwriting, and so this isn't the greatest thing for me, but at the same time, I do enjoy writing with this pencil a lot. If you don't have super tiny handwriting, this is definitely a good pencil to pick up!
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