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  Overall quality The..., November 1, 2013
By alb...
Overall quality

The zipper is good, the stitches could be better but they are resisting (have had this pencil case for about 6 months now, everyday use). On general it looks a solid item.


Now, my favourite thing about this pencil case is that it looks small, but it can hold so many things it's almost hard to believe. Looking carefully you will always find an appropiate pocket for your new pencil, or you can always pass some time trying to find the optimal arrangement for your supplies. Here's the list of what I have in mine:

- Pentel GG 1000 mechanical pencil
- Staedtler retro 0.5mm. mechanical pencil
- 2 Pilot G2 0.7mm. (Blue, Black)
- 3 Pilot V5 (Blue, Black, Purple)
- Milan Tipp-Ex
- Pentel twin tip yellow highlighter
- Staedtler pigment liner 0.2 mm.
- Staedtler HB wooden pencil
- Staedtler Mars Plastic rubber (pencil style)
- 3 Stabilo point 88 markers (red, blue, green)
- Staedtler Lumocolor permanent marker
- 15cm. plastic ruler
- 1 box of pencil leads
- Steel pencil sharpener
- 1 rubber
- 4GB pendrive
- A handful of paper clips

Neither which are in the outer pocket. Of course be aware that you will NOT fit a 30 pen collection in here, so if you have A LOT of things to carry you should look for something else. Also, you won't be able to fit things like a pack of post-its or similarly large things.


This pencil case can receive a beating. It is made of a plastic type cloth (not really sure what it is) which seems resistent to whatever situation could a pencil case be involved in (for example, bouncing inside a bag, falling, etc). Colors are just as indicated on the pictures: black on the outside, bright orange on the inside. I'm not sure if it is fully waterproof or not, but at least it has some resistance to water.


This is not a pencil case that can hold an entire collection of pens, but more as an everyday pencilcase, which is how I use mine. If this is what you are looking for, this is one of the best you can buy.

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