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  I've never given a five-star..., November 9, 2013
I've never given a five-star review, but this pencil deserves it.

This is the mechanical pencil you're looking for. I've tried many of JetPens' hundreds of mechanical pencils, and many of them have proven to be great, but none so great as the Rotring 600 -- even its retractable Rotring 800 doesn't match it.

The pencil is perfectly balanced at the middle of the barrel, and the grip at the bottom is fantastic. Personally, I prefer the matte black version, as the silver doesn't have the fantastic grip of the matte black. You can always buy a silver one and buy a separate black 0.5mm tip if that suits you! The grip placement is absolutely ideal.

The only caveat is the tip -- while it's extremely functional, watch out and make sure you don't drop it. I've dropped my 600 before, and it's never broken, but I know it is prone to snapping if dropped from the right height. Fortunately, JetPens sells replacement tips. It's a fantastic pencil, and if you take good care of it, it'll outlast you.

From sketching to detailed math/physics problem solving, this is the mechanical pencil that outperforms every other. I simply don't think it can be improved.

Finally, note that the 0.7mm and 0.35mm versions are the ideal pencils for those two lead sizes as well. While I personally prefer 0.5mm over both of those, choose whichever you prefer!

Do not hesitate -- this is the best mechanical pencil for any amount of money.
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