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  Okay pencil. Good:..., November 22, 2013
Okay pencil.

Good: Medium weightiness, lead rotates as advertised, gorgeous design, feels like you have something unique.

This pencil tries to solve a problem that doesn't exist. I LIKE writing on the pointed tip of my lead because it creates a gorgeous fine line. Rotating the lead keeps it sharp and your lines DULL... (if you understand this much and still want the pencil then I say go for it.) Furthermore, although the pencil is weighted heavier than the average mechanical pencil, it is very much weighted toward the grip. I much prefer an even weight where the center of balance is at the center of the pencil. If the body, and not just the grip, were made of metal than that would resolve the weight issue. Finally, the lead pipe at the tip moves in and out of the pencil fractions of a millimeter as the top review here stated. Not the biggest issue, but when you've used a fixed sleeve before this pencil feels like it has too much play in the mechanism. I wouldn't use this for any technical work.

Overall, I enjoy having this pencil in my collection and like to use it on very rare occasion just to play with it. However, I absolutely am in love with the Rotring 600 and the Pentel Graphgear 1000. Those two are by far the best drafting/mechanical pencils available with no competition nearby. If you do choose to purchase the Kuru Toga, consider all plastic versions as they will have a more balanced weight. And DO NOT expect an orgasm when you first touch pencil to paper here! I thought it would be absolutely magical and boy was I mistaken.

Hope this was useful!
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