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  How nice to have a subtle..., December 12, 2013
By ksv...
How nice to have a subtle and elegant option in glitter pens: something to use where you want a more artistic than decorative effect. I use these pens in places I'd never touch with an intense glitter effect (such as Sakura's Stardust line, which I like very much for decorative applications). The colors are very transparent, which means you can apply them over almost anything that needs a hint of color, such as a black-and-white image. You can also apply them--with care--over other colored inks, including others in this line. The overall colors in this line (both sets) seem a little odd to me, but I suspect a cultural bias. There's a nice range of light, semi-neutral colors: sand is a good example. I use it over other colors to lightly tint them or tone them down.

Keep in mind that these are markers, not conventional glitter gel pens. The tip is more abrasive; use a light touch, or you'll ripping up paper pretty quickly. The colors are transparent but surprisingly water-resistant for the most part. The ink fades less quickly than I've found with most markers, though. And they may write for 360 yards. but they're sprinters and need to make the run within a few months of purchase. According to Copic, they should be stored horizontally, which will probably annoy many people. I do store them horizontally. A year after purchasing set, I'm finding that a number of colors are starting to dry up, and the glitter effect has grown uneven. I bought two black pens at the same time and have used them roughly the same amount of time, but one is almost completely dried up and the other is still going strong, implying possible quality control issues.
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