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  This is an amazing pen!..., December 25, 2013
By aus...
This is an amazing pen! I bought it over a year ago and I still have it! I love it. The jetstream ink is of quality that you would expect, but what makes me love this pen also is the fact that it snuggly fits energel refills. I have used a blue 05 energel refill in this pen, and it writes amazingly, so if you ever want to switch up writing feel while using the same pen body, you could try fitting energel refills in this pen.
When I write, I hold my pens close to the tip, with the pen vertical at almost 90 degrees to the paper, and only pinky side of my wrist touching the paper. The thumb side of my wrist is far from the paper. Thus, the grip on this pen is a bit too far from the tip to suit me personally. If you write with the pen at an angle and with your fingers further from the tip, this is a great pen for you, however, you cannot fully benefit from the alpha gel grip if you grip the pen close to the tip like I personally do.
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