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  I use this for engineering,..., December 29, 2013
I use this for engineering, which means I don't write continuously (as you might when you are taking notes or writing a letter) so the auto rotation feature is not as smooth as it might be when you do write without long pauses. But comparing this to my other, non-rotational pencils, the difference in smoothness of line and the rounding of the sharp lead end that can develop is phenomenal.

Because the line produced is smoother, it is easier to erase markings.

The writing mechanism is not as springy as I thought it would be from the other reviews. It feels very solid when you are writing, less so for drawing without picking up the pencil.

I have never had the lead break off, even when extended very far.

There are special leads developed for the pencil that are twice as expensive as regular leads, but in my limited couple hundred hours of experience there is not a big difference in everyday use.

The pencil is weighted toward the tip nicely, and the grip has enough texture not to slip around too much. I am a big fan off the textured grip of the Rotering type mechanical pencils, and this has just enough texture to keep it in place in your hand.

Also, the rotational mechanism does not advance the lead, but because it uses the lead more evenly, you advance it less often.
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