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  This has become the primary..., January 9, 2014
This has become the primary tool in my sketching kit. It allows me to do everything I would normally do with ink and brush, but portable and without the mess. The line variation is excellent and allows for great sloshy, energetic inking. It works well on smooth and textured paper, but I think I prefer it on smooth paper, as it allows me to do tiny details without switching tools, whereas on toothy paper it tends to run a little dry. I know some people find the tip a little large and unwieldy, but that's a matter of drawing style. If you're used to working with watercolour or liquid ink, this is actually a fair bit more forgiving. You don't need an inhumanly feather-light hand to get hairline marks out of it.

I have been using my brush HEAVILY for the past three months, and the tip is still pristine. I definitely get more out of the hair brush than I have out of its felt tip equivalents.
Overall, I highly recommend it!
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