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  Before I get into the..., January 14, 2014
Before I get into the one >>titchy qualm I have about it, let me assure you that I think this is a fantastic pencil. It has a brilliant grip, excellent balance and the most satisfying nib retract mechanism I have ever heard. Disassembling it takes ten seconds and reassembling it takes ten seconds as well. The parts fit so tightly together and the all-metal casing feels so solid that I don't think this pencil will be breaking anytime soon. Unlike Uni's drafting pencils (which are also wonderful) the clip is indestructible. Pentel knew what they were doing when they made that clip. I use it ever day and I would certainly buy it again. But, there is one thing I am a >>tiny bit concerned about.

I am a pencil lead hoarder. It's a bit of an unconscious habit of mine, but whenever anyone in my family buys new pencils for whatever reason, they always get the kind that have an entire extra case of lead. They use the pencil and then once they're done with the lead in the pencil, either it gets lost and they buy another or they manage to find another piece of lead. In the end, though, I always end up with the pencil lead case. so far, I'd guess that I've accumulated about 75-150 pieces of standard 0.5mm lead, and it's still accumulating. I now have an entire section of my drawer dedicated to just pencil lead. The reason I'm bantering like this is that the 0.4mm lead used in this model of the Gg1000 is the furthest from standard of any lead. No-one uses it, ever. I am the only one I know who has a 0.4mm pencil. Thankfully, I have a case of 30 pieces of 0.4mm lead, and I know that if I run out, I could just buy some more from here, but that is kind of a hassle compared to just opening my drawer and finding plenty of lead there that I can just grab.

It's not a criticism of the pencil. I love the pencil. I think the pencil is one of the nicest I've ever used. But I do regret buying the 0.4mm on the spot because Kinokuniya didn't have any 0.5mm models like the fool that I am. In my opinion, if you were thinking about getting this pencil, unless you have a specific reason for using 0.4mm lead (There's nothing wrong with it, it's just not standard.) then I would say go standard. Get the 0.5mm one. Save yourself some time and shipping costs.

That's my rant for the week done. If you read through that entire thing without wanting to punch me in the face for dragging it on so long, then you are a champion and you deserve a gold star.
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