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  This is the greatest..., January 14, 2014
This is the greatest pencil case ever. EVER. I had this for about a year, until somebody nicked it. I took it everywhere I went, even when I didn't really need it, just in case. I wear Craghoppers cargo trousers, whose thigh pockets are known for being gigantic. That is where my old pencil case resided, day in, day out. If I didn't have this in my pocket at any time, I panicked. I was so accustomed to this case that pulling it out of my pocket, unzipping it, grabbing a pencil, zipping it back up and putting it on my desk/lap/back in my pocket was quicker and more fluid than having a lone pencil in my pocket and getting that out. I used this thing so much that you could probably call it abuse, but it never broke, never tore, never wore out, even when carrying more pencils than it was designed to and things that the pockets weren't really intended to hold. People *notice* when you whip this out to grab a writing utensil from it. If someone asked for a pencil, my pencil case would be out, unzipped and a pencil would be in the person's hand before they could react. Seriously, you get props for having this on your person. I got a couple of "wow"s from people when I had it.

The case is sturdy, the insides are indestructible and the main compartment is quicker to open/close than the boot of a car. That's a big surprise, because it is completely minimalistic as well. It's not waterproof, it has no padding whatsoever, the seams are minimally reinforced and the compartments don't stretch at all. Yet it protected all my stationery from all the other stuff in my pocket and nothing came close to touching what was inside. Such a shame, too. All my good utensils and art gear were in this pencil case, and I would do anything to get it back, but I can't. This is by far and away my favourite pencil case, and as soon as I can manage $13 this is gonna be the first thing I buy from JetPens. Outstanding piece of work by Nomadic. And you laugh when you see the tag as well.
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