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  I really like this pencil,..., January 15, 2014
I really like this pencil, and it is a brilliant idea, the lead rotation. It works extremely well, Uni knew what they were talking about when they designed the mechanism. It's comfortable to use and just all around works really well with my school work. It's light, so my hand doesn't get tired at all. But, I have to give it an honest 4/5 for the following reasons.

1. The cap fits very shallow and loosely in the top of the pencil. It can be knocked out of the top if it gets caught on something. If you lose the cap (which is ridiculously easy) then good luck finding it.

2. Also, if you end up losing the cap, then it's only a matter of time before your flipping-the-pencil-around-to-use-the-eraser-on-the-end-because-it-is-faster habit wears down the eraser to the point where you can't use the eraser anymore or advance the lead easily.

3. Once again, in true Japanese tradition, Uni has given this pencil the Smallest Eraser In The World. Just like every Japanese stationery company does with every pencil they make (except Pentel's cheap ones.) The eraser will last me a week, tops, before I have to switch back to the ironically huge block eraser that Japan also makes. Luckily with this pencil, Uni does give you an extra 2 erasers, but that doesn't help much.

4. The clip is not sturdy. If you're like me and you like to pay with your clip, you like to have a nice metal clip that doesn't break and will take years of bending, playing and clipping to your lip before showing any signs of damage. You also remember the fates of all those second-hand Bic pencils you used in the past. This plastic clip is only pressure-fitted into the top of the pencil and will snap very easily. You have to be gentle with it.

All in all, a great pencil, but I would go for a nicer model. Actually, rather than that, I would just stick with my Pipe Shifts and Graphgears because to be honest there are tons of pencils other than this without the rotating mechanism that don't break the lead and are nicer to write with.
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