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  Since the artists' POV..., January 16, 2014
Since the artists' POV seems underrepresented here, I'm throwing in my two cents!

As a comic book artist who does a lot of fine line work, both technical and organic, I'm always looking for solid drawing instruments. The Rotring 600 gave me a creative hard on at first sight. Elegant, yet not flashy, durable and well constructed, reliable in its mechanics: it's a wonderful piece. No annoying rattles, all the pieces seem perfectly machined. It has a solid click and dispenses an appropriate amount of lead. The finish is attractive to the eye and comfortable in the hand, and the knurled grip is just right for my taste.

It also feels like I could successfully use it to win a street fight.

All that being said, I can't use this pencil for real, daily work. It's just way too heavy. I'm no sissy, either - my usual work day involves 8-10 solid hours of drawing. The 600 made my hand cramp up after a mere 30 minutes. And with that lovely, substantial, weighty feeling, you loose the ability to achieve a lot of the fluid, whipping motion I often favor in my pencil work (it gives me a sort of recoil). As a practical daily tool, the 600 is not for me.

Despite it's drawbacks, I have to give it 4 stars. I love carrying it in my road kit to whip out at sketch parties, etc. People are always impressed with it. They don't have to know I never really use it!
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