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  For drawing/sketching..., January 18, 2014
By nph...
For drawing/sketching very fine lines/details, this pen would be great. As many reviewers have indicated, the nib can be quite scratchy -- especially if you're not holding the pen at a particular angle. I suspect that the scratchiness might go away with use over time.

For everyday writing, I would NOT recommend this pen. I grew up writing with fountain pens -- all either Japanese or Chinese made -- and have always preferred a fine/extra fine nib on my fountain pens. The Pilot Penmanship has a needle-point thinness. As some other reviewers, I've never come across a nib this fine. Being that fine, writing with it is challenging as it is very scratchy unless one writes slowly. I prefer a wetter -- and especially, smoother -- line that what I've seen so far with this pen. As for smoothness, the Fine Nib Platinum Preppy is far smoother. (To produce a finer line, I write with the nib upside down). The other advantage of the Preppy is that you can vary the thickness of the line as well by rotating the barrel slightly.

One last thing, I also did not find the triangular grip on the Penmanship very helpful. I've always gripped pens the way one's supposed to. But I find the indented grip of the Penmanship makes the grip diameter too small for comfort.

I hope that helps someone trying to research for a suitable pen -- like I have :). Good luck with your search!
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