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  The Rotring 600 is my..., January 28, 2014
The Rotring 600 is my favorite of all the models. I found the 800 to be a little big and a little heavy for my liking, but still an extremely nice pencil. The Rapid Pro was very nice, but still a little too heavy for the volume of writing that I do. The first 500 I purchased was my favorite for many months and still gets used occasionally since it is nice and light weight, very cheap for the quality, and just the right grip circumference for me. The 600 is the perfect balance of weight, grip diameter, shape, and especially cap design/fitment for me. It sits weight-wise right in between the 500 and Rapid Pro. The grip diameter is similar to the 500, and still retains the octagonal upper body similar to a wood pencil. I recommend that anyone interested in a quality writing instrument for heavy daily use try the 600 or the 500 depending upon personal preference.
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