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  While this isn't an all..., February 6, 2014
By nic...
While this isn't an all aluminum fancy pants pencil, it is a really great option that has an excellent lead advance action and a really great balance. I have used it for writing essays as well as computations - it works well for any writing and is comfortable and balanced for extended use.

I am especially fond of this pencil because of how easy it is to remove the clip. I often rotate my pencils ever so slightly as I write and the clip is often an annoying part of a pencil for me. I break clips off when they can't be removed like this one can. So that is a nice feature.

However, it is not the best candidate for carrying in your backpack or pocket. The nib is 4mm long and easily bent. When the nib gets bent the pencil is still useable, but the lead breaks very easily - especially 0.3mm lead. After bending the nib, one needs to spend a couple minutes re-aligning it so that you aren't driven crazy by constantly breaking lead.

So, except for the delicate nib not suited for pocket carry - this is a great buy.
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