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  Got a set of these delivered..., January 12, 2009
Got a set of these delivered today and here are some thoughts..

First of all, thank you JetPens for a speedy delivery as always!

The overall design on this pencil is nice and simple, which I prefer.. The one feature that stands out is pretty obvious: it's got a decent, all-metal grip on it which looks to be pretty durable judging solely on the 'heaviness' alone.

The barrel however, was a slight let-down due to the fact that it's all plastic up to the tip where the thread fits the grip. It's okay though, I just wanted to mention it in case anybody thinks it's metal throughout; guess the price gives that away..

Overall, its a solid pencil worthy of the most technical of tasks and is surely quite unique compared to 99% of the pencils you'd find at your local office supplier.
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