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  I've never bought any..., February 16, 2014
I've never bought any Field Notes before, so this was a great introduction to them. I had read before that the limited edition sets have a heavier paper than the normal paper cover ones. I'm not sure how they compare to others, but the paper in this book is certainly thick enough to perform very well with fountain pens. I also love how Field Notes state all of the "specifications" for how the jotter was created, down to the ink type and machine that was used for each component. The pages are a "soft white" which means they are a little creamier than xerox printer paper. The decal that comes with it is a "permanent water transfer" decal, which means that you soak it in water and can apply the front or back of the decal to any hard flat surface; once it dries I assume it would be permanent and not water-soluble. It's very difficult for me to feel convinced to buy pamphlets (e.g. one signature books), being a bookbinder, but I think the Field Notes products possess a lot of qualities that make them worthwhile. Not quite up there for me as Rhodia is, but pretty close! Will definitely buy some limited edition runs from them again.
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