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  After eating through..., March 13, 2014
After eating through drafting pencils like going through milk or other perishables in my house, I finally decided to get this pencil... 4 years ago. This decision came to be because it's heavier than most other mechanical pencils, and it's nearly all metal (some inside mechanisms aren't, but I'll get to that).

I'm an illustrator, and I've ONLY used this pencil for all my draft work. So for at LEAST 4-10 hours a day, this thing has taken a beating nearly every day for 4 grueling years, and it's performance is no less than excellent. I found myself nearly unable to use my backup Graphgear 500 because the weight difference through me off. The 1000 is nearly perfectly balanced, the grip feels natural (despite me not being the biggest fan of the little rubber oval grips) and the retractable lead shaft is fully protected in it's resting state.

The ONLY reason I gave this little masterpiece 4 out of 5 stars is that finally, after 4 years... it broke. As I said before, it's not entirely all metal, and there are some plastic screw threads that finally snapped inside of it, so the tip just falls off. I've maybe dropped this pencil possibly a few dozen times in my studio on an area rug, so it's my fault. I've guerrilla glued it back together, but that means I won't be able to take it apart to clean it unless I use a hammer and a handy crowbar. I'm sad to see it go, but I'm upgrading to a Rotring 600 (since the are all metal/brass).

PROS: (a lot, really).
-Heavier, and very well balanced.
-MOSTLY metal, and you can't really beat the price.
-Knurled grip is nice, and easy on my hands at least.
-Sturdy design, and can take a beating.
-Easy to find replacement erasers, something that has been a thorn in my side for other brands.

CONS: (just 3)
-When you retract the lead shaft, sometimes it retracts to fast it actually shot the eraser out of my pencil by 2 - 3 feet. Which I found hilarious, especially when I would use to shoot my friends. My pencil was 4 years old so maybe they improved on this.
-The plastic threads inside finally broke making the pencil unusable, but after years of heavy use, I'm happy it lasted this long.
-I hated those little oval rubber grips they put on the grip, drove me crazy... (this is not so much a con, just personal taste).

If you intend/thinking about buying the 1000, it's worth it. Yes, it's a "little" more expensive than many other pencils out there, but you'll have it for years, and if you only intend to use it sparingly, such as occasionally taking notes and whatnot, hell... the thing will probably live longer than you.

This is my very first online review, and while I normally don't do this, I understand the pressure of not wanting to waste 10-40 dollars on a pencil that you might hate when you get it. But I promise you can feel pretty confident with this little diamond in the rough. I will be writing another review when my Rotring comes in.
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