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  These are the best nibs..., March 15, 2014
These are the best nibs I've ever had. To start off, I love the tiny plastic box they come in, it's so cute! Second, they work phenomenally. Smooth, fine lines, don't break into your paper at all if pushed forward, have a wide variety of line textures and thicknesses, and have a nice look and feel. Also, what I like about these that I usually have a problem with in other G Pens, you can make long, nice lines in one swift movement without feathering or unevenness. Lastly, I have a weird OCD where I don't like to throw expensive things away, so these nibs are perfect because they last a very long time. The only drawback is the rough feel it has when drawing with it, but that is completely ignorable.

I read a review saying how the ink flow was uneven and blotchy. They are most likely misusing it, or have an unusual technique, because it doesn't do anything like that.

Nothing but good things to say about this pen. Highly recommend.
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