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  I did as much research..., March 16, 2014
I did as much research as I could on this lead holder before I decided to purchase. There is unfortunately very little about this lead holder available.
After a while I just decided to take the risk and get it as it is a lot of money in my country. I am amazed that it not only meets my expectations but completely beats them. A few issues with it are as someone else stated that the metal threads do easily loosen, not just the grip from the main body but the internal lead tube as well, sometimes the internal lead tube will come loose whilst sharpening the lead. I thought about using lok tite as was suggested in another post but I will live with it some more before going that route.
As mentioned it is just a minor niggle as the pros vastly out weigh that.
I am a pencil artist, I mostly do comic style and graphic arts with pencil and wanted the be all and end all of pencils (being very much a pencil geek) I have used an entire rainforest worth of wood cased pencils and dabled in cheaper lead holders and mechanical pencils so I wanted something that was somewhere between all of these.
The click advance on this lead holder is amazing, however if your used to drop advance systems then expect to have a week or more of expecting the lead to just slip out the bottom.
I love tha there is no eraser or lead pointer on this model, only solid brass. Some how this just seems to make the lead holder a little mpre serious.
Ok now to the part that I love the most the weight and material of this lead holder. At first feel it is hefty, not unbareable mind you just solid, it as a real feel to it. Solid and indestructible. And the feel, the actual feel when touching lead to paper is unbeatable. No wooden pencil, no other plastic lead holders or mechanical pencils I have ever used feel as nice and smooth as this.
The lead it came stocked with was buttery and silky smooth but to really test it out I swopped it out for all the different leads in my arsenal just to really get a feel if it was the lead or the holder I compaired the feel side by side with my other lead holders and then against similarly graded wooden pencils.
I purchased 2h Mitsubishi uni leads which I am now usong in it as I love how smudge resistant it is as I am a lefty.
One other thing before it arrived I had planned on removing the pocket clip as generally I don't like them very much as I generally find them in the way and uncomfortable but on this model it really does not bother me in the least.
So if like me you are not just quite sure yet just go for it. I did and I seriously coild not be happier with my new pencil.

P.S I actually got it a while ago already through JetPens just wanted to use it and live with it a while before posting a review.
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