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  I’ve been using this..., March 31, 2014
I’ve been using this case for a while now, and it stays primarily in my backpack where I take it every weekday on my work commute.

The only kinds of cases I’ve seen like this are made specifically for fountain pens; I wanted something for everyday pens and pencils, as well as the option to carry accessories like lead and erasers.

Lihit Lab’s Teffa certainly keeps my pens and pencils and other writing utensils well organized. I keep my pens and pencils on the left side of the inside cover, and every other writing utensil on the front flap. The back of the flap houses three elastic-bound pouches, so I use them to keep extra lead. The back inside cover houses another elastic net, so I use that for stamps, a ruler, and white-out tape. The back of the case has no pouches, but the front has two very narrow ones. I use the top for arrow flags, whereas the bottom is used for various items like my train ticket if I don’t put it in my wallet.

Is this case perfect? Not exactly—well, not for me. It’s the best portable pen case for sure that’s not dedicated for fountain pens, but I wish they included individual pen slots. I realize that may restrict the amount you can carry, but it keeps the insides from looking like a clumped mess. It’s still a lot neater than any other pencil case, nevertheless.

And I wish the material was more durable. Sure, for the price it ain’t bad; but having it for a couple years in my backpack has it show some serious wear.
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