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  My very first JetPens..., January 18, 2009
My very first JetPens review!

I just received this pencil today and gave her a spin for a few hours so here are my initial findings, feelings and most heartfelt emotions.

This pencil was love at first write for me. It's the fountain pen of pencils with all its adjustments and fiddle with me this' and fiddle with me that's. It has all these tasty adjustments just like a fountain pen. And just like a fountain pen you get all these great different kinds of hardness leads, like the concentration of particles or dyes in fountain pen ink, and colored choices too! Here on JetPens they've got 4 hardness choices, and one from Lamy, from three different companies, and 23 color choices total from three different companies. That's 36 choices!

This is my first 0.7 mm pencil, ever, as I have always used a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, and that 0.2 mm difference makes all the difference when you need to write or draw. The 0.7 mm lead size feels most like the sharpness of point I tend to keep on my wooden pencils, so it's so familiar to use this size lead and pencil. Like other people have said it is heavier than your average plastic parts mechanical pencil, or wooden pencil, but unless you have already formed a preference for the weight of pencil that you are most comfortable using it's not unduly heavy at all. It feels solid, rugged, dare I say it's a man's man of a pencil, and almost bombproof with its heft. As I am a fountain pen user it's about the same weight as my preferred pens, when full of ink, so I find this pencil a comfort to hold.

Now it's time for the fiddlies! This is the newer model Ohto Super Promecha 1507P so it's the one in the photographs and not the Ohto Super Promecha 1507S that you can see in the video. The Ohto Super Promecha 1507S is the super fiddly older version which has a set stop adjustment for the guide pipe so that when you turn the grip section the guide pipe will stop at the length you've set every time you extend the guide pipe. But I like the on the fly adjustability of the Ohto Super Promecha 1507P's guide pipe better (it's like the Promecha 1000's). Why? Because if you only have just one of a particular size of this pencil, in this case the 0.7 mm, and you want to use different lead hardnesses you may find that certain lead hardnesses just write/flow/work/feel better when the guide pipe is set to differing lengths for each lead. Because each lead hardness will also have it's sweet spot and its breaking point the amount you set to extend using the knob adjustment on the barrel remains the same as on the 1507S. This makes the 1507P easier and more intuitive to use than the 1507S.

There's a ton more microscopic details and observations of construction I could mention but they'd all point back to one simple undeniable fact, in my mind at least. THIS IS THE FREAKING COOLEST PENCIL I HAVE EVER HAD THE PLEASURE TO USE!!!
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