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  4 YEARS LATER: For..., April 20, 2014

For the past four years, I've used this pencil faithfully. I can say with 100% confidence that I have not ANY other pencil in the past four years for more than 10 mins.

- Weight: 925 has a perfect weight for a guy who writes with a heavy hand.
- Grip: the diamond grip is all metal and feels good in my hands. I tend to hold pencils really strongly but the grip doesn't hurt my finger tips at all.
- Design/Appearance: it is absolutely _gorgeous_ pencil.
- ... and everything that is not mentioned in Cons section.

- Care: you have to be very careful handling this pencil. I have already broken one (and I thought I broke another one but it wasn't broken!).

I use the plastic cover it came in along with the in-ear headphones' padding to protect the tip from damage in a backpack/pencil case. ( the white fuzzy thing...)

If you drop it, it's bye-bye $20..! If anyone has any other way of handling this pencil well in a backpack, let me know! :D
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