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  I love this pen! This..., April 23, 2014
I love this pen! This is my new everyday pen that I will obsess over, and it is replacing my Fisher AG7, which replaced a slew of Parker Jotters. I've always liked the style of drafting pencils, and that probably dates back to finding them at my grandparents' house, and this is about the best pen in production to fit that style.

I had never actually seen a rOtring before a month ago, but I ordered a Tikky pen and and a Tikky II mechanical pencil to test out the brand, and it immediately became clear why people liked these. I chose to give my beautiful yellow Tikky away to one of my gawking coworkers, as it was a bit larger than my small hands could appreciate, and I bought this in hopes that it would fit my hands a bit better, and thankfully it does. Its knurled grip barrel is no wider than the body, although the hexagonal shape makes it seem as though it would be in some of the pictures.

I immediately understood why people obsess over the rOtring 600, and getting one of those is now on my long-term grandiose things-to-buy-if-I'm-ever-not-poor list. The weight of this pen is perfect. It is hefty, but not cumbersome, and the bulk of the weight is centered in the grip and above the tip, so it feels very solid and balanced when writing. (One of my few complaints about the AG7 was how top-heavy the pen is.) The feel of the black coating is nice, but if I forget to click the tip out, it will mark up paper.

I use this pen at work, so it is with me and use about 60 hours a week at minimum. The pen itself was made in Japan and comes in a nice little cardboard (100% recycleable!) box. The included ink cartridge listed France as its place of manufacture, so I suspect it is just a rOtring rebranded typical Parker ink cartridge, which isn't really good or bad. I replaced it with my preferred Fisher pressurized ink cartridge immediately. Overall, I love this pen, and I will definitely be getting a silver one soon.
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