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  I'm not sure anybody..., January 24, 2009
I'm not sure anybody but Uniball could create such a desirable multi pen. If you are here, then you know that Uniball Jetstream's are the best ballpoints in terms of their ink. Smooth, ease and holy crap that was fast drying.
So how do they one up themselves? "Hey, let's make a multi pen to appease the raging masses."
Okay, so I get a little excited over pens. And pencils. Sorry.

-- Uniball Jetstream Ink
-- 4 pens, 1 pencil
-- Smooth actions of the ink selector. Seriously, this is incredible. It is so smooth and precise that I had to do a double take. It is amazing how smooth the transition is. Very impressive.
-- The clip is the selector for the pencil. Say what? I say awesome. Cool and functional.
-- A pencil on a multi pen that doesn't break the lead when you use it. Most multi function pen/pencils have a crappy pencil part that just breaks lead quickly and irritates me. But this one is very smooth and works!!
-- It has an eraser. Very small one, but it does have one.
-- Comfort and balance. Precisely balances and comfortable to use.

-- Size. It is a bit too big for my hands. Those that like the Dr. Grip series will like this, but I felt it was a big too large. If you like the comfort of a bigger pen, this is for you. But don't expect something contoured and tight. Remember, there are 5 writing instruments here...with that comes some space.
-- Rubber grips. It is a bit sticky. Not the lick it and it will stay attached to the wall kind, but a bit tacky. My fingers don't move along the barrel with the ease I'd like. The rubber grip is also not soft, which I think is a plus as I can't stand gel grips. Just put this last sentence above. :)
-- Small eraser. Okay, I'm just being picky now. At least it has one!

Overall this is an amazing well done pen for all that it does. Personally, I think they should have scraped the green ink. Made it a 4 function pen/pencil, shaved the size a bit and it would have been perfect. I would have probably let it sleep in the bed even. Good pen, now stay. Sit. Good boy.
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