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  I bought this pencil..., May 31, 2014
I bought this pencil for several reasons (currently, I use it to take notes and draw). Firstly, because it's a 0.4 mm pencil (0.4 mm!!!!). Secondly, the grip color was much prettier than the 0.3 mm version (I'm sorry, but the brown color is appalling). Third, because of the retractable tip. I've gone through several Graph Gear 500 pencils--all because they fell on the floor, and BAM. The metal tip is dented, and the pencil becomes unusuable.
With this pencil, I'm no longer worried about tip breakage--which is a huge plus. The pencil is weighted, but comfortably so. The grip is made of soft rubber (the blue bits) and metal, which is the perfect balance so that your hand doesn't tire out.
Also, my friend (who owns the 0.3 mm version) says that Pentel offers lifetime pencil warranty. LIFETIME. So if you break one of these pencils (as she has done), just send it in and they will send you a new one. FREE. OF. CHARGE.
So, to recap:
Gorgeous pencil.
Retractable tip.
Is it worth it? Yes. All the yes's.

[the only con I can think of is that 0.4 mm lead is not sold in most office supply stores. However Jetpens offers a good variety, so that's that.]

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