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  i was a little apprehensive..., February 2, 2009
i was a little apprehensive about ordering this particular pencil because it seemed so similar to one made by other companies available here in the states, but i went ahead and got it anyway. This has to be the best pencil i've purchased here so far, and considering how many i've purchased, that's saying something.

for me a good indication that I found the right pencil is when i forget i'm even holding it and am focused only my drawing. usually i'm fussing over the grip or the weight and feel of the pencil in my hand, but not here. the knurled grip is smooth enough to were you don't notice it, but with just enough texture to keep your fingers from slipping.

the overall size of the pencil from end to tip is about 5 3/4" inches and the knurled grip measures about an inch and a half.

the body itself is plastic. i don't know if the silver version is metal or simply painted, but the colored barrels are all plastic. that doesn't cause it to be unbalanced in anyway though. so i dont consider it a factor in it's purchase. I'm also not sure of how long the locking mechanism that retracts the tip will last, since having to click it over and over might wear it out over time.
overall its a great instrument and one i'll be using for a long time, in fact i'll be order a few more just in case i lose it or they are no longer available
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