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  I have been in search..., February 14, 2009
I have been in search of a great 0.3 mm pencil for a while and I believe I have finally settled on this one. I have also used the Pentel Grapgear 500, the Pentel Graph 1000, and the Staedtler 925. The Graph 1000 feels too flimsy for me (just a personal preference) and I have had problems with the lead breaking in the barrel. The Staedtler 925 and Pentel Graphgear 500 are both great pencils, but I keep all my writing utensils in my pocket, and they both do not have a retractable tip, which in one of my favorite features of the GraphGear 1000. I have not had issues with the lead breaking in the barrel as the other reviewer had. I have a feeling that might have something to do with the hardness of the lead (I use Pentel Ain HB 0.3mm). The pencil is quite well balanced and the lead advances a couple of mm at a time. Great pencil. I also have the 0.5 mm and the GraphGear 1000 0.5mm ballpoint pen.
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