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  This pencil is awesome...., March 17, 2009
This pencil is awesome. I decided to splurge and buy a nice pencil. I've been trying out 0.5 lead instead of my usual 0.7 because in Japanese class my kanji was becoming more difficult and was muddled with the lead (at least that's my excuse. :) )
So I thought i'd buy this pencil! The pencil size is very comfortable to hold and write a lot.
I think the eraser is small and puny, which sucks if you're a constant eraser-er.
I love shaking the pencil to extend the lead, it's really helpful to remain in the same writing position when taking frenzied lecture notes.
There is a locking position so the lead will not continue to extend out when bouncing about in your backpack.
For the price, I've been using this pencil for a while and it feels like it's made of great quality. It will last for a long time. I may buy one more to have for when I'm at my desk.
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