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  I have tried for years..., April 7, 2009
I have tried for years to find perfect pencil and I have finally come to conclusion [even though I knew before but always thought could find something better] that Pentel does make the best pencils especially this one. It is so sturdy and light and has a nice nonslippery grip [most pencils with grips are slippery after using them for a while].

I think this pencil is abot 15 gm heavy [which is very light]---it would help if Jetpens would enter weight in standard measurements instead of archaic e.g ounzes as those are hard to figure out.

I have also concluded that this pencil and other Pentel Graph 1000 limited edition hold the graphite perfectly decreasing the chance of snaping the graphite. Also, another very important fact is that these pencils hold the most graphite pieces in them [I think if I remember I can fill around 20 pieces [but have not counted], therefore do not have to worry and carry replecemt with you.

So, now I have this baby and different color Graph 1000 limited edition ones to use with different color graphite or different hardness. You wont regret buying this pencil or almost any other Pentel pencil.

Before I forget, these pencils also have pretty large eraser when compared to other companies' pencils.

Maybe if this pencil was retractable it would really be 10 out of 10, so now its like 9.5/10 :). Anyway I have never had a problem [for years already] having a non-retractable pencils--I kep them in shirt pocket often or bag, not in front pocket of pants.
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