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  Pros: I love Zebra and..., April 7, 2009
Pros: I love Zebra and I love brushes so this one's a no-brainer. I use it daily for sketching (along w/ the medium weight version), writing, even sign checks with it. The felt nib is firm and bends nicely under pressure, it'll lay down anything from a thin scratch to a rich black ribbon. Be aware that this brush differs significantly from nylon-tipped brushes which are softer and more painterly. Pen construction is solid, stylish, and durable. You will lose it before it breaks / runs out.

Cons: After heavy usage the nib will soften semi-permanently, creating wetter, heavier lines. Pen is still very usable at that point, I keep them around in case I need something between Super Fine and Medium.

Verict: True workhorse. Perfect for dynamic line drawings and sketches.
Grade: A+
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