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  After reading the reviews..., April 16, 2009
After reading the reviews I decided to snag a Boxy myself and test it out, here's what I came up with -

Test 1. H Pencil lead, standard everyday smooth copy paper.
- The Boxy Eraser or the foxy boxy as I call it tends to leave clumped shavings which is great because you can just blow them away as opposed to wiping them away with your hand and potentially smudging pencil lines. There were however some stubborn teeny tiny shavings that required a quick hand swipe.
- My long time used Magic Rub eraser tended to leave more tiny shavings which required my hand to brush them away in several swipes. It should be noted however the Magic Rub is not advertised as a lead/graphite eraser but is used on film and such.
- The oldie but goody Pink Pearl Eraser left many tiny shavings all over from the get go and easily performed the worst concerning hard to blow away tiny shavings.
- The latex free Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser performed barely better than the Boxy leaving almost tiny shavings. Those that were left were easily blown away.
- The best performer amongst them all was the Kneaded Rubber Eraser which of course left no shavings behind. However a definite downside to the rubber eraser is that it tends to crimp or wrinkle standard copy paper if you aren't very careful about the force you use and where you place your free hand to prevent that.

Test 2. H Pencil lead, 100lb heavy vellum illustration paper. Vellum is a more textured art paper as opposed to smooth which is well... Smooth.
- Foxy Boxy did better on actual art paper with most shavings be blown away in one breath, all the rest being blown away with the second breath. Very nice.
- The Magic Rub performed average leaving behind a host of very tiny very hard to see shavings that would definitely affect drawing in that area. It also collects a lot of lead leaving the eraser somewhat dirty.
- The Pink Pearl performed in the area of what I would call hideous leaving small shavings everywhere from the get go. I needed three good breaths to blow away the common shavings and three wipes of the hand to remove the tiny shavings. If I had been using HB Pencil Lead I would have left streak marks everywhere like a toddler in their diapers.
- The Mars Plastic Eraser matched the Boxy blowing away most shavings in one breath and clearing all the rest in the second breath.
- The Kneaded Rubber Eraser did the best again leaving no shavings and because of the thickness of the paper I was not in any danger of wrinkling my art.

Using H Pencil Lead or lighter I would say go for a rubber eraser and if you want something solid in addition to that go for the Mars Plastic Eraser as it is almost twice as big as the Boxy at a similar price. However I would recommend the Boxy if you want something slightly more stylish or an eraser that is able to fit smaller hands more comfortably. Stay away from the Pink Pearl as it is strictly amateur hour and best left for grade school. It's cheap for a reason. Even the Magic Rub outperforms the Pink and it's not even a pencil/lead eraser. The Kneaded Rubber Eraser does better with light lead however it becomes less effective with darker leads. For darker leads (2B-6B) I would lightly "dab" the area with a rubber eraser then attack the same area with a plastic eraser.
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