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  I first heard about the..., May 1, 2009
I first heard about the 0.18 mm pen, was rather curious, and then decided that the 0.28 mm pen might be a more practical one for daily use. I purchased many of these pens (and of different colors), and they are absolutely amazing. I've always been sort of against gel pens from experiences with very ordinary ones in the U.S. that don't have consistent ink flow and make a line too thick. I've used this pen for many months now, and I absolutely LOVE to write with it. A gel pen made right! Waterproof too! Thin, readable line, consistent ink-flow. I do have to warn you that if you drop this pen on the tip, it -will- render it non-usable (but you should expect that considering the tip is so thin!). As long as that doesn't happen, this pen will last you a good while, and I recommend this to anyone who loves to write small and write a lot! Very smooth! I even ordered these as gifts for others!
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