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  Sanford/Uni-ball's Jetstream..., May 12, 2009
Sanford/Uni-ball's Jetstream series pens are THE BEST pens I have ever written with. EVER. I had been searching YEARS for the perfect pen (since high school) and even went to Japan to find one (well, I was there visiting friends but still, I spent many hours in Tokyo stores testing pens!). At first the Pilot Hi-Tec-C pens filled the void, but only because their points were smaller than .5 mm and I had never seen that in the States. I have small handwriting and like my pen-strokes neat and cute. Then a few months ago I came across a Jetstream pen and it was like wow, where have you been all my life. The ink is absolutely smooth and doesn't smudge or soak into the fibers of the paper. In fact it almost seems to hug the paper. The Jetstream series is categorized as ballpoint but really it should be in the gel ink category. It is almost like gel ink version 2.0.

The Pilot G-2 pens are absolutely archaic next to Jetstream. Signo, Sanford's other pen series, are good but not quite perfect. I have been using a Jetstream pen for four straight months now (I seriously do not even touch other pens) and will never go back to regular ballpoint or all those other supposedly smooth-writing gel pens. And forget about fine point fountain ink pens -- they are just ghastly to write with, especially if you're like me and hate when ink shows up on the back side of the paper when you're trying to write double-sided notes.

A professor once borrowed my Jetstream and forgot to return it, and I went to great lengths to get it back. This pen is that good.
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