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  The case is easy to fix...., May 30, 2009
The case is easy to fix. Slide the tray out, and turn it around so the brushes will be cap-up. Then, before you slide it back in, cut off just the top end of the tray, so the brushes can slide out of their tracks.
There are advantages and drawbacks to not having to stop and dip the brush.
I started out sketching the flowers from the yard, as I have since I was a little girl. I had an epiphany: every brushstroke is a Brushstroke. If I had realized it 50 years ago, I might be an art teacher today, instead of a chemistry teacher. Or maybe, it was as a chemist and a teacher that the philosophical insight arose, and it just came to the surface while I was holding a brush.
As a chemist, the continued fluidity of the water-based ink delights and amazes me.
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