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  The Copic drawing pen..., May 30, 2009
The Copic drawing pen was one of my first Japanese imports. When I recieved this item, I expected a great quality pen. (Considering it's Copic) But to my surprise it was only mediocre at best. Perhaps it was just my pen, but, it always skips when I'm inking a drawing, and that's not exactly a great thig=ng. Also, the ink seems very lightly washed out. Like a few drops of water were added to it. I don't really use it that much, but... it's not exactly the greatest, the ink from a uni-ball disposable pen is far more consistent. Once again though. It could just be my pen. Or it could be all of them that are like this. I would use caution when buying this product. The only reason I would consider using this pen for drawing, is if you use tick-lines ALOT. I mean alot, alot. Good points, is that it's a thin line (if you can get it to write) and it's very light. And if you like a washed out kind of looking ink, this pen would be good for you.
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