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  First, I would like to..., June 13, 2009
First, I would like to thank 'todavecave' for his extensive review. I recently decided to give Boxy a try after using the Mars Plastic line by Staedtler (both the block and pen style erasers) for quite some time. I was a bit worried that since Boxy was black that it would leave a black residue on the paper. I was quite surprised. I have been much more satisfied with Boxy than with the Mars Plastic erasers. Boxy seems to clump better and generally erase much better, most of the time leaving no 'graphite shadow' behind at all. I strongly recommend Boxy (I just ordered 5).

I don't know why the previous reviewer had an issue with Boxy after switching to H grade lead. I use H grade lead pretty much exclusively and achieved the results I described above. 'Todavecave' also used H grade lead in his extensive review. I have a feeling it might have something to do with the paper the other reviewer is using. I typically use 70g to 90g paper.

I recommend Boxy over the Mars Plastic eraser line.
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Uni Boxy Eraser - Black - UNI EP-60BX