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  These pens are remarkable...., May 31, 2005
By waylo
These pens are remarkable. My mother brought me back a 10-pack from Taiwan several years ago and that's when I first discovered them. Anytime anyone remotely related/friendly to me goes to Asia, I beg them to bring back ~30-50 of these things. There, they are $0.50/refill.

The ONLY problem I have found, and would love to see if anyone else has had this issue, is that with with the 0.3mm black, after only several days of use, the tip "clogs" up and I'm left with a useless, fully charged ink barrel. This has been happening inevitably, without question. I have tried to "scientifically" analyze this problem (well, as much so as one can analyze pen clogging!), and have come up with no answers. I've tried cleaning the tips, removing the tips and washing them (that isn't easy), removing tips from other working pens and replacing them (very difficult as the tips tend to bend), and replacing tips using those from other colors (it seems to ONLY happen with blacks). Nothing has worked. My guess is that ? paper fibers get jammed into the tiny tips of these things and the pen is ruined. This has happened with pens obtained both overseas and from Japanese import stores here in the states. Maybe several bad batches?

This latest trip to Asia I discovered the 0.25 and managed to snag several of those. Time will tell if those have the same issues. For the time being, I've upsized to 0.4mm. We'll also have to see see if these remain patent.
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