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  I have .3, .5, .7, and..., July 6, 2009
I have .3, .5, .7, and .9. I've decided to write a review about .3 over the others as it probably has the most problems. So, here's some pros and cons. Yup, it has an awesome design. It has a sleek metal body and well made exterior. The problem for most .3mm mechanical pencils are the common lead breakage. Well, expect it to be the same for this one as many others. I am always worried about the heavy bolt mechanism that retracts the tip of the pencil. Once in a while, though rarely, the bolt makes a heavy clank that ends up breaking the lead stick inside the barrel. It becomes a stressful situation whenever that occurs when taking notes in class. Also for those who love a smooth clicking type of pencil or pen to click away when bored in the office or class, the Graphgear pencils have a tendency to have a rough click as you push it down (though not all the time). Anyways, these pencils still impresses me with the awesome looks that my friends adore over. I guard them well and treasure these pencils! A bit pricey, but something I haven't regret buying.
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