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  An amazing pencil! the..., July 16, 2009
An amazing pencil!
the mechanism is really handy and great for both drawing and long-term writing (i find it keeps my maths work tidy) and really makes this pencil worth buying.
i hesitated because i read reviews that the body felt cheap, but its very impressive. The barrel is just plastic, and you might think this would make it bottom heavy, but it has perfect balance and the material is not an issue at all. Also, the clear plastic grip over the mechanism worried me because i thought my hand would be slipping, but the grip has excellent grooves that are gently sloping and fairly wide, making the grip effective and very comfortable. As for the eraser, its fairly sturdy and perfectly adequate for small writing corrections, though youd be better off using a larger and separate eraser for anything bigger than five or ten words.
the only drawback is a personal pet peeve of mine, and that that the nib that holds the lead doesnt retract fully into the pencil and leaves an awkward point. really minor when you consider the utensil as a whole.

if you have any doubts about this pen, dont have them. its worth every penny.
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