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  I thought this pen writes..., July 25, 2009
I thought this pen writes incredibly smooth for a non-gel pen. However, the ink doesn't always start right away especially if you haven't used that color for a while. I still think this is a gel pen but maybe because it is a .7m and I am use to the smaller tip. I also am surprised of the lightness of the pen. That Dr. Grip is heavy or the weight is balanced throughout the pen, both have 4 colors plus pencil. I tend to like a pen that is is more evenly weighted like the Dr. Grip so I feel like I am holding a pen that doesn't cost $15.00. I would have liked the grip to be more squishy/pliable otherwise they should have maintained the same material as the barrel. Too bad you can't have this ink system on the Pilot Dr. Grip Multipens and then you would have the perfect multipen!
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