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  Just received this in..., July 25, 2009
Just received this in the mail today. Thanks Jetpens!

Anyways, here is my review on this classy hybrid mechanical/wooden pencil. As you can see, the pencil uses a 2mm lead.

The whole body is made out of metal including the top and bottom caps. Only the lead holder inside the body is made out of plastic, but that's not unusual. The body has nice matte painting over it. The matte painting offers a nice griping to the body. Also, if you have sweating hands, it offers a lot more grip compares to other pencil's body.

The lead advances pretty well and has a nice "click" to it. My only concerns with this pencil is the pencil's clip. It looks really ugly, like someone took a paper clipper and shove that in the pencil as a design.
My other concerns is the lead itself. As you all know, Metaphys offers their 3 set leads for $10.50. The cost itself is 1/5 the price compares to the pencil holder. I love novelty pencil's but I will not pay $10.50 for a novelty that will chip away when I write. Anyways if lead price is your concern, then buy the 2mm lead from Uni which Jetpens offer. You only have to modified it a bit.
My last concern is the description. This pencil does not have an eraser, you do not swirl anything! So please remove that part out of the description, Jetpens.

All in all, this pencil is great. Although a minor con's it doesn't bring down the pro's of this pencil. This is a must buy, you have to get it now because it might not last! Metaphys is not a brand. Metaphys is a group of people who work on creating an innovative designs on how we use things. So if they decide to stop selling the locus pencils, then that's that!
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