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  A desk pen is not mobile..., August 18, 2009
A desk pen is not mobile and must be kept upright at all times. Getting a nice cup to hold the pen up in or the desk holder (available from Jetpens, too) is a MUST. The cartridges seem a little pricey compared to normal fountain ink, but there is where all comparisons end.

These pens write a fine line with excellent control. The tip writes fluidly and can keep up with even fast writing. The ink is a nice, dark black (although not as dark as some gel inks); it IS waterproof and the carbon will resist chemical attack, as well. Please keep in mind that this IS a "waterdripping" pen that relies on ink flow, gravity and a watery ink to work. This means that if you use uncoated paper or thin, cheap paper, you WILL get some feathering and bleedthrough. So be sure to pair this excellent pen with excellent paper to get the most out of it.

This pen is pure joy to write with! I use mine daily and often. I write letters, pen notes, make sketches and whatever else I can do just to feel the smooth nib gliding across the paper.

I've used the Sailor desk pen, as well, and I can say that, in my opinion, both pens have high quality. I prefer the Platinum ever so slightly (because of the ink), but not by much.

As a quick warning: The carbon ink is NOT made for ordinary fountain pens. This desk pen has a specially widened channel in the feed to accomodate the ink. Putting the carbon ink in a normal pen risks clogging. PLEASE use the right ink with the right pen with the right paper and you will NEVER be disappointed.
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