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  Now this is a brush pen's..., August 28, 2009
Now this is a brush pen's brush pen. It's what most other brush pens wish they were. Simple elegant class all the way. It's light like a regular brush so the switch between the two is almost effortless. And when you plug a Platinum ink converter into it your ink choices are infinite. The most useful inks that I've found to use in this pen so far are Noodler's Bullet Proof Black and Platinum's Carbon Black with the Carbon Black being slightly more useful if your into heavy watercolor washes as it doesn't bleed that tiny little bit that the Noodler's BPB does. The brush itself has been the most responsive of the synthetic styles that I have used so far, at least for my style of line work, it has a crisp snap so that going from a hairline to the broadest of line and back again is as near to intuitive as I've found in a synthetic. And if you're a serious line junkie you can easily convert this puppy into an eyedropper fill pen with a 1/16" diameter (hard to find so if you don't mind a bit of a bump between the pen barrel and nib section you can use an 1/8" diameter washer found at any hardware store) 1/4" washer and some silicone grease on the threads and you have yourself a brush pen that can hold an 1/8 of a bottle of ink and it'll lay down lines for days. Just remember to keep the nib upright as it can bleed like crazy if dropped or stored nib down with that much ink in it.
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