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  Since the other size..., November 2, 2009
By toh...
Since the other size Tachikawa Comic Nib Fountain Pen was already sold out I got one of these instead. And based on the performance of this pen I can't wait for the other pen to get back in stock.

The nib on this pen is very responsive. I've been drawing with other disposable fountain pens and I can get a slight variation of line width with them. But nothing like I can with this pen. The pen touch on this is incredible. If you've used G-pen dip pen nibs you get the same kind of pen touch with this, only without having to dip and clean the nib tip all the time. If you're a cartoonist you'll find this to be a fantastic fountain pen.

Please, PLEASE ORDER MORE SOON! I want to buy a dozen of these!
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