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  Strangely, I have to..., November 23, 2009
Strangely, I have to disagree with almost every point the previous reviewer makes about this pen. I find this pen a lot smoother than the Signo Premier 207 pen. The refill that comes with the Signo Premier 207 pen skips and is drier than the refill that comes with this pen. The refilll in this pen is very wet and inky. As for precision, I generally use 0.5 mm or smaller so I am biased when it comes to rating its precision.

I prefer having a bit of weight in my pens, so the Signo Premier 207 is way too light and feels cheap. The Signo Premier 207 does have a better grip though, its the Alpha-gel grip. I'm not really sure if the reviewer before me has actually used this pen because the grip is not made of metal at all, just metallic colored rubber. I repeat, the grip is not metal for those who are unsure of buying this pen. The rest of the pen is metal however, and one point I do agree on with the previous reviewer is that the pen is unbalanced.

Overall, I think there are good and bad points to both the Pilot G-2 Limited and the Signo Premier 207. The Pilot G-2 takes many Pilot pens including the Frixion line (with the exception of the Color-pencil-like 0.7 mm Frixion pens). The Signo Premier 207 I believe is best with the 0.38 mm Signo RT pens which cost about the same as typical pen refills ($1.50). A note for those who like the Zebra Sarasa RT pens, the refills on those pens fit the Signo Premier 207 as well, at least they do for the 0.7 mm kind that you can find in most office supply stores.
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